Question #4 from The Bridge Fairy

Your partner opened: 1NT – Pass – ???

Answer #4 from The Bridge Fairy

Answer: 1NT – Pass – 2Diamonds* (*Transfer bid)

I know that 2Clubs (Stayman – asking for their 4-card major) looks very tempting and so could work but this is much cleverer as we will find out if partner has 3xHearts as a 5/3 fit is much easier to play and safer than a 4/4 fit in Spades.
So, we bid 2Diamonds – a Transfer bid – forcing partner to bid 2Hearts whether she likes it or not.
Then, next time round we bid 2Spades so she now knows we are 5/4 in Hearts/Spades. And what’s even more exciting is look how low we still are and look at how much info we have imparted.
If partner doesn’t like either of our suits then she’ll bid NTs but fingers crossed we have that all important 8-card fit and what fun if in Hearts.
Bidding Stayman (2Clubs) we would never find out about a Heart fit if there was one.
So it would look like this:
1NT – Pass – 2Diamonds* – Pass
2Hearts** – Pass – 2Spades – Pass –
Hearts/Spades/NTs (so much choice having shown our hand so beautifully). *Transfer bid **Transfer Executed