It's a Work in Progress - Sustainability

Running a small business can be quite intense.

While large companies have whole departments who deal daily with deliveries, development, IT issues, sustainability etc.

As a small company, it’s down to you.

If a customer has a query, you need to deal with it.
If the computer says ‘contact your IT department’ – it’s you!

And so, on the subject of sustainability, and sustainable development goals; it is also up to you.

I am well aware that packaging, in particular, is a good place to start.



In supermarkets, I get annoyed about the huge amounts of plastic used to wrap products – mainly quite needlessly.

However, it isn’t easy to adapt super fast to new methods when there is only one person
in the department.
So, it’s a work in progress.

We can all start to make better choices and opt out of buying single use plastic products.
Our cellophane packaging is now bio-degradable.
Our paper and card is from FSC certified stock (Forest Stewardship Council)
and inks are soy based.
And our main product, a ‘complete bridge game in a box‘, along with two other smaller
sized boxes, are made from bamboo.

Bamboo, for me, is a ‘hero’ product.
It’s an excellent alternative to plastic; strong, durable and biodegradable.
It is fast growing and therefore sustainable as it can grow to full size in 3-4 months.
No pesticides are required to grow a bamboo crop.
It is naturally anti-bacterial.
It is very strong – a ‘green steel’ used in construction for homes.
It is light and easy to carry.
It provides jobs and sustains a traditional industry.

Bamboo forests efficiently store twice the amount of carbon to traditional trees, as well as
generating more than 30% more oxygen than many other trees and plants.
Plus they have strong root systems which help prevent soil erosion.

Bamboo packaging in supermarkets I think!! And why aren’t they doing it already?

Bridge Question

You opened 1Heart

Partner responded 1Spade

What do you re-bid?

Ice House

I recently visited Holkham Hall and came across this rather beautiful ice house.

I didn’t know their invention is as old as c.1780 b.c. (a tablet describing the construction was found in Terqa, a northern Mesopotamian town) – although they didn’t come to Britain until the 1660s.

In 2018 a large ice well was discovered in Park Crescent, London; it had been built in the 1780s and is only a few metres away from the Jubilee Line tunnel.

Bridge Answer


Agree the Spade suit as trumps.

The hand is stronger now partner has bid spades,

because you can trump possible Diamond losers.


Bridge Q&A from Christine Tomkin, a former EBU teacher.

It was lovely to sit here in the garden last weekend, not sure the weather will be quite so lovely this weekend!