Grey Sleeved Box and Score Pad Set


Our grey sleeved card box is shown with two decks of playing cards in grey and pale lavender.

There are further card colour combinations which you can choose from the drop down menu.

You can also decide if you would like regular or silver gilt edged cards.

They make a lovely present for a card player and particularly a bridge card player.

The cards are made by Cartamundi and are high quality and standard bridge card size, 89 x 58mm, but also suitable for other games such as canasta, cribbage, whist, Oh Hell, gin rummy etc.

They are perfect for both beginners and experienced players.

The packs of cards are individually cello wrapped and the card box is made of FSC certified stock.

On the lid is a silver foiled blocked suit logo.

The decks contain two jokers and one bridge score card.

Take these cards on holiday, useful for delays while travelling, card evenings with friends, teaching a new card game to children, rainy weekends and Christmas holidays.

In addition, a set of 4 scorepads with covers to match the box. Choose from rubber or chicago text pages.


Would you like silver gilt edges? (+ £7.00)

Would you like free gift wrapping?