Question #3 from The Bridge Fairy

Partner has opened a little cheeky Weak Two and the opposition just had to say something, did they not …..hmm…what to say?
2Diamonds – 2Spades – ???

Answer #3 from The Bridge Fairy

2Diamonds – 2Spades – 5Diamonds
Well done.
Definitely bid to the level of the fit, meaning you know partner has 6xDiamonds and you have 5Diamonds.
Total 11. 11 tricks required for 5Diamonds to make, so go for it…
Another good reason to bid to the level of the fit is that neither of you have any points which means they are all with the opposition…
Your jump from 2Diamonds to 5Diamonds rather shuts them out of the auction as how do they find their fit at that high level or makes them bid BIG and you never know you might get them down.
And if you go down in 5Diamonds as long as you aren’t vulnerable, then your losses won’t be too great.
So go for the fit (just like you do when overcalling).
Good luck and remember, without points, ie less than 15, opposite your partner’s weak two, bid the fit with your partner.