Question #2 from The Bridge Fairy

Your Partner opened 2NT – Pass – ??

Answer #2 from The Bridge Fairy

Answer: 4NT
2NT – Pass – 4NT
A Quantitative Bid.
This 4NT bid says to partner ‘are you minimum or maximum with your 2NT bid?’.
If you are max we have enough for a small slam in NTs (33+ pts required – can’t be less as that might mean 2 x Aces out against us, 8 points).
If minimum PASS.
But if maximum (22pts) bid 6NT.
This is a very specific point count bid.
You weren’t able to use Stayman as no 4-card major.
You can’t Transfer as no 5-card major or 6-card minor.
So NTs it is for sure.
But wouldn’t it be fab if we had 33pts between us (small slam).
Let’s ask partner if this is the case by bidding 4NT – the Quantitative Bid.