Question #1 from The Bridge Fairy

It’s your turn to open so let’s go for it:
1NT – Pass – 2clubs* – Pass
2diamonds** – Pass – 2hearts – Pass – ???

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**Response to Stayman – denying a four card major



Answer #1 from The Bridge Fairy

Answer: PASS!!
It’s a Weak Take-Out (WTO)
Partner asked you to bid your 4 card major by bidding 2clubs (Stayman)
You don’t have a 4-card major so deny it by bidding 2diamonds – simple so far
But then the surprise was 2hearts – not 2NT or even 3NT as expected
Obviously partner doesn’t have a balanced hand or she would have bid NTs next
She also obviously doesn’t have many points (only 0-10) or she would have jumped
She didn’t jump so the only conclusion you must come to is that she is WEAK
The other thing you can gather from this bidding is that she must have a 5-card HEART suit AND a
4-card SPADE suit as she has now weakly taken you to 2hearts.
What she was doing by bidding 2clubs was to find a definite fit as she had both majors. But you don’t
have a 4-card major so she could then safely bid her 5-card major in the safe knowledge that you
definitely hold at least two of them as you are balanced.
This is called a Weak Stayman
There is no need to panic, you have just go to be aware that if partners bid is only at the next level after 1NT
it is always for WTO
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