It is always the same, trying to take a day off work, is never simple. There are always last minute things to be done, things that take longer to do than you had expected and trying to make sure everything runs smoothly in your absence!

It wasn’t really time off work I had planned but time out of work. A chance to step back, appraise, and do some planning.

I went to Maison & Objet in Paris. A wonderful trade show on the outskirts of the city, exhibiting new designs, colours and products from a huge range of companies small and large.

It is very inspiring. I know how much work goes into creating new products and designs, and there, at the show, are hundreds of companies that have done this and are proudly showcasing the finished thing.

I came back with a head full of colour, shape and full of enthusiasm for the year ahead. A great tonic and one I would highly recommend; to take the opportunity a few times a year to get out and see what so many clever people are up to.

Just planning my next ‘step back’ trip!